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2014-15 Executive Team

President – Bonnie Cappiello
Vice-President – Juliana Petrovic
Secretary – Sura Mahbouba
Treasurer – Eric Malinski
Media Director – Haley Park
Social Convenor – David Taylor
Conference Advisor – Anderson Todd

Contact us at: jungiansociety@gmail.com


12 Responses to “Contact Us”
  1. Amanda Penner says

    Can you please add me to your mailing list. Thank you.

  2. Gabriela Hecken says

    Hi Jungian Society,

    Thanks for the invitation and keeping me posted. Does one register at the beginning of every academic year?

    I am seriously planning to make it to at least one event.

    Keeping the flame alight.


    • Hi Gabriela,

      Once you’re a member, you’re a member for life! You’ll only be taken off our mailing list if you ask us to remove you.

      Hope to see you soon!


  3. Sophie Vitkovitsky says

    The oroboros sculpture at the top is absolutely beautiful (wouldn’t mind knowing its provenance), the page design is great (and it’s great the site exists), and I’m very happy that you’re recording March 1’s Mind Matters ‘Darkness’ speakers and will have the videos available here. Thanks!


  4. Brandon Fenton says

    Hi there, must one be a current UofT student to join the group or are alumni and outsiders welcome? I’m alumni and would like to join.

  5. Dr. Cecilia Bajusz says

    Hello , would you please add me to the mailing list. I would like to attend some lectures as well; please send me the programme.

    Thank you,
    Cecilia Bajusz

  6. Hi,

    I am the Program Manager for the Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts. We have a variety of seminars, workshops and lectures during the 2017-2018 academic year. They are located close to the downtown campus and you can check them out via this link:


  7. Barbara Stokes says

    On 2017-10-05, at 6:26 AM, Barbara Stokes wrote to Inner City Books:

    > I realize you are in the business of selling new books. I’ve bought many of them several years ago when I was “Jung at Heart” and younger in body as well. I read and absorbed all I could from traditional sources, was inspired by personal encounters with Marian Woodman, Robert Bly, Fraser Boa, and many others on your lists. I have about 30 titles, some in paperback, newish and used condition, some hard cover, some autographed.
    > However, now in my own sunset, downsizing years, I would like to pass on what I have, perhaps to a student eager to absorb and use what these books have to offer. I’d be happy to bring them to Toronto, where I visit my son periodically. I could drop them off wherever appropriate. I’d be happy to gift them to someone appreciative but of limited financial resources.
    > Can you suggest to whom I might address this offer? Phone is a publicized landline-feel free to call!


  8. I am here to examine different archetypes to integrate Jungian Psychology, with Bio-semiotics.

    Personifying different Eusociali archetypes; bringing the shadow to life, by relating the Anima and Animus with the process of quorum quenching/quorum sensing.
    To bring the Collective Unconscious (Of Society’s shadows; As a Whole) to fruition.

  9. Is it not possible to send you an email. Want to show you an interesting picture.

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