Jungian Society

at the University of Toronto


War on Eros: Jung Foundation of Ontario Lecture by Analyst Graham Jackson

Friday, May 22, 7:30-9:30pm
Board Room, Arts & Letters Club, 14 Elm Street Toronto (map)
Eros International (PRNewsFoto/International Media Distribution)

Jung wrote, “Where love reigns, there is no will to power; and where the will to power is paramount, love is lacking.” (CW7, par. 22) A simple, verifiable statement, we might say, but what happens when the will to power through several seductive guises such as fashion, social media, and so-called technological superiority threatens the very existence of that “questionable fellow”, Eros. This lecture explores his struggles for survival in a society increasingly addicted to one-upmanship and celebration of sentimentality.

*PLEASE RSVP by noon on Tuesday, May 19th if you wish to attend*

Tickets are $10 for members of the UofT Jungian Society and $25 for non-members. (If you are not yet registered as a member of the JS and wish to be, simply email us at jungiansociety@gmail.com and we can register you. It’s free!)

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