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Mind Matters I

Towards a New Understanding of Psychopathology

Mind Matters I

What does itmean for the mind to be pathological? What criterion should we use to diagnose and categorize people as mentally ill? Can there be alternative models of psychopathology other than the medical model? If so, what are they?


Dr. Jordan Peterson. Ph.D.,C.Psych. – Illness, deception, complexity, and positive feedback loops: complications in diagnosis

Dr. John Vervaeke, Ph.D. – Salience dysregulation and the continuum between foolishness and pathology

Dr. Tony Tonneatto, Ph.D.,C.Psych. – The Buddhist phenomenological approach to psychopathology

Dr. Terrance Wapshall, Ph.D.,C.Psych., Jungian analyst – Jung and the existential crisis of the search for meaning

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