Jungian Society

at the University of Toronto

Mind Matters III

Desire & Entanglement


This year’s conference theme, Desire & Entanglement, takes a fundamental concern and examines it through many different lenses: What exactly is desire? What should we desire? Who should we desire? What does it mean to live in a culture of consumer marketing where needless desire powers the engine of prosperity? Desire exists at the nexus of economics, sex, personal growth, and spirituality. It even paradoxically enfolds our desire to be free of the power of desire itself.

Inviting our four speakers – University of Toronto star-lecturers Dr. John Vervaeke and Dr. Jordan Peterson, and esteemed visiting scholars Dr. Paul Fulton and Dr. Jose Cabezon – to speak on these subjects and discuss their implications from many perspectives, we hope to expand the academic discourse and forge connections between often isolated fields, while allowing a conversation about the nature, role, and implications of Desire in our civilization to emerge.

Watch videos of the conference on YouTube here!